Racing car

I developed a real-time distributed system for race car drivers on an Agile cross-functional team that included three apps connected via WiFi or USB.The apps included a Java server for real-time car telemetry monitoring, an iOS app with an OpenGL interface to allow configuration of a tactile vest stimulation on a 3D virtual mannequin, and a Java app that draws the circuit map and the race car GPS position in real time.
This was a 2 years project, we had the time to conduct a user centered methodology. Including experts interviews (Professional Racecar drivers and coaches), competitive analysis, user testing with students in the simulator and live on a race track with profesional drivers.

Result: We improved the training time on the simulator. Students learned faster how to use stick shift, how much break pressure to apply, when they should be breaking before a curve. Professional racecar drivers were able to perceive critical telemetry data, such as wheel slipping, timing performance...

Researcher, Software Engineer, Interaction Designer, User Experience Design
Java, iOS, Vibrotactile feedback vest
Data Visualization, User research, Testing (abled and non abled participants)
Reduced training time